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I enjoyed the first TrackMania game
tremendously. It wasn’t a revolutionary racing game but it was a fun,
entertaining game. The emphasis in the game was on the tracks, which were
probably the wackiest and most unique tracks I’ve played. TrackMania Sunrise
(TMS) continues the wackiness from the first game but with a noticeable change
in the look of game. Even though the graphics have changed the gameplay is still
the same.

I have been torn up in trying to
figure out how to express my real opinion with TMS. The game is almost identical
to first game in almost every aspect. In fact I should point you to my review of
the first game since the games are similar, The same arcade-style racing
gameplay is included along with the track editor option and puzzle mode. The big
difference between TMS and the original game is the graphics. In probably as an
appeal to hopefully obtaining a larger audience with the sequel, the look of the
game is more industrial and modern.

The car models are the first big
change in the graphics between the first game and TMS. You start off the game
with modern looking European-styled sports car, similar to a Lamborghini or
Ferrari. In fact if you looked at still shots of the game it will probably
remind some of you of Gran Turisimo or other modern racing games. The other big
change in the graphics is the backgrounds, a large portion of the tracks are set
in a city backdrop. Some of the tracks are set in a night-time environment,
which creates some nice looking shadows on the tracks from the cars and
buildings. As you progress farther in the game some of the familiar-looking cars
and backgrounds from the first game do return but with some tweaks. That doesn’t
mean that all of the tracks and cars from the first game are included, because
that’s not the case. The looks are similar but with some changes in the

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The gameplay is essentially
unchanged from the first game which is a curse and a blessing. If you want a
racing simulation game then steer clear of TMS. This is an arcade-racing game
pure and simple. You drive around the track as fast as possible and take no
damage from the other cars on the track. When you come near another car you just
drive through them instead of playing the bumper car game so common in other
racing games. The tracks will cause you to stop, slow down or even drive off the
track but will never cause permanent damage to your car. If you drive into a
light post your car will simply just stop from the impact. Even when you stop
due to a wreck you’re never really out of the race because of the way the game
was designed.

The Race Challenge mode has you
competing against the clock and not against the computer. You can earn up to
three different awards based on the time you finish a race; Gold, Silver or
Bronze. You can race each track one at a time or compete in the series cup to
unlock other levels. The level of difficulty ramps up tremendously from the
Silver to the Gold level in the Race Challenge mode. Expect to have a near
perfect race in order to earn a Gold medal on all of the tracks. Having to race
the same tracks over and over again in order to get a Gold award gets old fast.

Thankfully the entire game is based
around the Race Challenge mode. One of the other modes available is the Platform
Challenge mode where completing the race with the least amount of continues is
the goal. Be prepared to continue several times in the Race Challenge mode
because this mode is where the tracks really start to shine in TMS. You probably
have never played crazier or more insane tracks in a racing game unless you’ve
played the original. There will be huge jumps that will have you leaping over
massive sections of the tracks.

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The track designs are outrageous and
at times extremely frustrating. You want to fly through the tracks at top speed
but will have to come to a screeching stop sometimes with almost no notice in
order to prepare for the next section of the track. Another fault in the track
designs is the lack of guardrails or barriers to keep you on the track. You will
find your car almost floating off the tracks without a warning if you don’t slow
down. But this adds to the fun of the game because you won’t find another game
with tracks as insane and crazy as TMS.

The other modes available in the
game are the Crazy and Puzzle Challenge modes. The Crazy challenge mode is one
large stunt track challenge that has you competing against 12 AI controlled cars
on one track. You have to eliminate all 12 of the AI cars to clear the level.
The Puzzle Challenge mode is a great mode that gamers will probably never expect
to play in a racing game. You have to put the pieces of the track back together
just like a jigsaw puzzle. Once you have the puzzles complete then you have to
race through track in order to clear the level. I thought this was a great
feature in the first game and it’s still great in the new game.

If you enjoyed the first game then
you should enjoy the new version. For gamers that never had a chance to play the
first game then TMS is a great introduction to the series. With the revamp
graphics and same classic gameplay still in place there is no reason to miss
this game. This is one of the most extreme arcade racing game available for the
PC gaming market. But all is not perfect with the game because of the gameplay
elements. Be prepared to play most if not all of the tracks over again and again
and again. This will probably result is frustrating moments that might be hard
to overlook for some gamers.

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Review Scoring Details for

Trackmania Sunrise

Gameplay: 7.7
The gameplay in TrackMania is a breath of fresh air but at the same time can be
a curse. It’s an arcade racer, pure and simple where you try to finish the race
with the fastest time or with the least amount of continues. You don’t have to
worry about playing tracks over and over again to earn money to upgrade your
car. Just drive as fast as you can on the craziest tracks you’ve ever played on.
But the tracks seem to be an issue this time because they just feel broken and
incomplete compared to the first TrackMania. In the first game I didn’t have the
sense of having to replay the tracks over as much as I did with TMS.

(Video) [PC] TrackMania Sunrise Extreme - Singleplayer #12

Graphics: 8.4
The shadow effects and details on the cars modes and tracks are a great
improvement from the first game. The night-time views for the tracks look great
and create a serious look to the game when compared to the first game. As you
progress later in the game the graphics revert back to the classic look of the
first TrackMania game but with some different backgrounds and car models. The
frame rate is solid with an occasional hiccup.

Sound: 7.5
The sound effects and music are decent enough but nothing that will wow you. The
music is a decent mixture of tracks from European bands that range from rock to
dance. I enjoyed a few of the songs but you will probably get tired of hearing
the same songs over again if you have to play the tracks repeatedly. The sound
effects of the cars were well done and came across clear during the races.

Difficulty: Medium

(Video) Trackmania Retrospective [2003 - 2020]

Concept: 8.0
If this was the first TrackMania game then you could add an extra .5 to the
score. So if you’ve never played the first TrackMania then be prepared. As I’ve
mentioned several times in this review the tracks are just crazy and insane. How
many driving games have you driving through loops, driving off buildings and
then have you complete a puzzle in the same game? But compared to the first
game TMS seems to be more of a rehash of the first game. That’s not really too
bad but it doesn’t seem as revolutionary as the first game.

Multiplayer: 8.0
The multiplayer mode is another great part of the game. The multiplayer mode
offers several different modes, internet, LAN and even two players on the same
PC. Playing online allows you to even play custom tracks created by gamers
around the world. If you connect to a gamer that has created their own tracks
then be prepared to play regardless if the tracks are good or bad. I noticed
some slight lag on one game I played but after the first game the lag went away.
Another great feature that I consider part of the Multiplayer option is the
ability to download new tracks from gaming community. If you think you can make
better tracks then what’s included in the game then get to work. Hopefully the
game will catch on some more because there were only a handful of players online
when I played.

Overall: 7.9
TrackMania Sunrise is a fun-filled, entertaining racing game that shouldn’t
disappoint gamers looking for a great racing game. The graphics have a more
polished and modern look to them when compared to the first game. It’s not GT4
level of detail but the graphics shouldn’t disappoint anyone. The tracks are
main attraction in the game with some unbelievable layouts. Just be prepared to
race the tracks over again several times before completing all of them. Gamers
looking for an arcade racer on the PC don’t need look much farther then
TrackMania Sunrise.



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