Carnival Pride - July 1-10, 2022 Trip Review (2023)

Carnival Pride - July 1st - 10th, 2022

Norwegian Fjords Cruise

My sixteen year old son and I caught an overnight flight from Toronto to Gatwick on Air Transat.The flight was on time and was uneventful.We packed light with only small carry on backpacks so we were off the plane and through passport control and on the shuttle/tram to the south terminal where you can catch trains to London.The trains we took between Gatwick and London were run by the Thames line.I have no idea what we paid for them as we used credit cards with a wifi/RFID logo on it and just tap on and tap out at the other end.One credit card per person (you can’t simply pass it back over the gate to the next person).It took about an hour for us to get from Gatwick to St. Pancras/Kings Cross stations.I can’t recall which it got into but they are connected. Once you are in London you can go to a self serve machine in most stations and buy an Oyster Card which is good for the underground, buses and even a ferry/boat.You can put money on it and you can get it refunded at a machine up to ten pounds plus the $5 pounds for the card.The card will top out at a maximum amount and won’t debit any more.It is something under ten pounds for the day. I will have to wait for my credit card statements to see if it worked the same way with the top on tap out credit cards I used on the tubes in London.

We were in the City of London by 10am and made our way on foot to Buckingham Palace to catch the changing of the guard which was at 11am.We got there around 11:25 but it was still going.We should have taken the tubes but that is that.We got a good vantage point near the barracks where they march back into.It is only three times a week so we were fortunate to see this.We then stopped at a pub for a drink on the sidewalks and then made our way down to the river to see Big Ben, the London Eye and walked along the Thames. We walked by Canada House and took some photos and stopped at another pub for a pint and a coke.In pubs you just go to the bar, order and pay for your tab right there.Cash or credit.We made our way back to the total dive we booked for the night near Kings Cross.It had clean sheets and wifi in the lobby and that was about it!I certainly would not have booked this if the Girls were along with us. It was teaching opportunity for my son to see what things cost and what you get!!It will also be an endless serious of jokes for the rest of our lives whenever we are in another hotel room as long as we live!I was the butt of many belly laughs throughout the cruise. The loose man hole covers out front that went thunk thunk all night with passing traffic.The fact that there was a fire/ambulance station just down the road with sirens all night.Someone left a dirty sock on moulding above the door.The forty year old TV.The peeling paint.The 1970’s acid trip carpet in the hallways.The fact that there were no door knobs, just a pull and a lock.LOL!The hotel on the return was very good!

London has this great chain called M&S Simply Food which is a like a grocery store devoted to grab and go stuff from sandwiches, cheese, meats, fruit, beer, etc. all in individual packages.Reasonable prices and located all over.There was one down from our hotel.We had a nap for a few hours that afternoon and then went out again to see Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross Station, etc.We experienced the JAMMED tubes at rush hour in downtown London.That was funny!The trains on the London Tubes are smaller in all respects to the trains we have on the TTC in Toronto (but they have infinitely more of them!!!).I love how the UK’s pubs spill onto the sidewalk with the after work crowd having a few pints at the end of the day.Clearly some pubs are more popular than others.Anyway, we headed back to the budget abode for the night as Cruise Day was Friday (Canada Day).

Day 1 Cruise Day from Dover

I let Jack sleep in a little and I headed to St. Pancras station a few blocks a way to scout out where we had to go and to buy some return tickets for the high speed train to Dover Priority. I headed back and we collected our stuff and headed out.Tons of transit employees to answer questions and direct you, which is a good thing as we were on the wrong side of the departure tacks for our train to Dover.The train only had four stops and took a little over an hour but the train was actually two trains connected for the first two stops and then it separated so we had to make sure we were in the front six cars going to Dover.I could see making this mistake!On the positive side, trains run at least once or twice an hours.It was a bea]\utifully sunny day.We arrived in Dover to the cute little station and then we made our way downtown he hill to the port.It was about a mile plus walk with most of that being walking down the port/dock. We appeared to be the only passengers on foot.It was Canada Day so we were decked out in red and white and had red maple leaf Mardi Gras beads on and handed out Canada Flag pins to the transit and terminal workers (apparently collecting these is a bid thing in the UK as this was mentioned by several).We had an 11:30 boarding time but we basically walked right on as soon as we arrived.I think we were on board before 10:30.Did our 30 second safety drill and then to our cabin with our cards waiting for us.Met our Stewart and unpacked and changed into some bathing shorts.No issue.Steward said to take our time, he only needed to vacuum the floor. They always have the hall doors closed until 1 pm with a sign saying it was closed but I have never had an issue dropping bags off and getting our SnS cards on any cruise, but this was the first time the steward told us to have a shower if we wanted!

The Pride is over 20 years old but well maintained in my view.Some wear and tear in spots but perfectly fine in my eye. You will see rust around the edges on you balcony and all of the wood decks and railings need to be sanded and refinished but otherwise it was in fine shape as far as I was concerned.My cabin cabinetry and furniture was not marred or scratch up that I could tell.Everting worked and was ship shape.If you did not lock the balcony door the wind would whistle but if you did it was very quiet.It was a full ship but we rarely encountered a line of any consequence (coffee bar or main dining room the first two nights).Otherwise, zero lines.Staff seemed plentiful and friendly.

The first day was sunny and in the high teens or low twenties, so in England that is down right tropical.We took full advantage and did the two water slides, swam in both pools and enjoyed the hot tubs.Guy’s. Burgers, the buffet, Blueiguana, pizza place, sandwich/deli, etc were in full swing and just as good as all my prior Carnival experiences.We had a great first day.I got my gold status pin at Pixels.

The first two nights took about 45-60 minutes to get a table which did not matter to us but here is a PRO TIP… just go up to reception and tell them you would like a window table and that you will wait whatever to get one.We discovered this day three and then ended up doing it each night and never waited more than ten minute for a primo table with a sea view for the rest of the cruise at dinner.We did wait a half hour for a shared window table on the last sea day brunch but they only had the one level of the Normandy open that day so it was SLOW!!!!

We saw what I assume with a British Submarine cruising on the surface for about an hour the first evening.That was a treat. While I packed light, I did buy a compact 25x10 Monocular for the trip and it was Fun.I like all things naval.I really wish I had been able to take my more powerful optics but I was not packing a suitcase so, home they stayed.

Great a first day.I got the full value of the of Cheers that day.I put some Monster, Gatorade and water in the mini fridge for the middle of the night and take with us on shore the next day and subsequent days.

We had a starboard extended balcony (5119) which was just forward of the forward elevator bank.If I was cruising her again, I would pick a cabin further Aft as we spent more time at the Aft part of the ship on two and nine, but I really have no issue with the forward cabin.Fore one, the elevator is less busy and it is very close to the coffee bar which we used very very frequently for coffee, water, and donuts and other drinks.

On our first day the ship was moored in Dover with the port side facing the terminal.

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Day 2 - First Sea Day

Our first sea day was a sunny and warm affair with the Serenity area pretty much full. You would need to get up early to score one of the clam shells at the back. The Serenity Bar has a blender and serves frozen cocktails.The sea day brunch goes until noon but it was a long wait to both get a table and to get food.If I was to do it again, I would probably skip it and just enjoy the other venues.Unless you are craving a fillet with some eggs or something special that is tradition for you, I did not see the investment in time worth it.

We had a chill day moving about the ship.We took in some comedy shows in the Butterfly lounge which is a great venue and seemed to be twice the size of the comedy venues on the Mardi Gras when we were on her in April of this year.It has a nice set up and the best waiter service I have ever experienced on any ship for a show.Lots of room.We played some shuffle board and table soccer in the pub and generally just chilled.We got the premium internet and shared it with each of us kicking the other off which became a running joke.We got to know the ship and it’s layout.I really liked the deck 3 with the ability to walk completely around the ship (almost at least).There is no outside deck forward of the forward elevator bank.This was the crew smoking area and the crew would gather in this area whenever we were in port to get cell or internet signals. If you did not have a balcony cabin, this was a great spot to watch the mooring and cast off.We had no pier runners on this cruise but we did have a couple that did not make it back at one port.I never found out if they joined us later or what the story was.

A good first Sea Day.

Day 3 - Bergen

It was raining and foggy in Bergen the morning we arrived. We had planned to take

The Funicular up to the look off but because it was shrouded in fog and raining we decided to just walk around the harbour and the back streets and then shop for the all important Fridge Magnet which we collect.The old town centre with the historic old trading warehouses is about a 15 minute walk from the ship.Pretty place.

On this day the starboard side faced the gangway and overlooked the ferry terminal next door.When we came into the harbour, the crew make the ship do a 180 before using the thrusters to slide sideways to the dock.

It was a Sunday in Bergen so it was very very very quiet.If I was to do it again and it was not raining, I would have researched how to rent the electric scooters found everywhere.If it had not been raining I could likely have used my roaming data and whatever app necessary to rent them.But cobbled streets and an unfamiliar machine coupled with the rain made the decision an easy one.

Back on ship we enjoyed the hot tub in the spa and spent the day relaxing.The weather improved.We brought a deflated basketball and a needle adaptor and gave it to our Stewart who found some to inflate it.They have basketballs up on deck ten but they are more like dodgeballs now as there is no more grip on them.Jack could go up and shoot hoops whenever he wanted and we then just deflated the thing on the last night.It doesn’t take up much space.

Day 4 - Alesund

This was a very pretty cruise into city.Sunny and warm day and the cruise in was quite stunning but as we would find out it was just the introduction to the Norway fjords grandeur.In Alesund we planned to walk up the 418 steps to to the top of Mt. Aksla, which I think the majority of the able bodied cruisers did.Very fun and worth the effort.We packed some drinks and I enjoyed a beer at the top.You can also take a taxi or bus to the top.Go early because it gets crowded by the late morning going both up and down.Buy the afternoon the weather rolled in and you did not the as nice a view.We started off counting steps but soon realized we did not half do because every sixty or so steps they have a metal plate in the steps telling you have many you have conquered thus far!

We wondered around the town and got the necessary fridge magnet and then returned to enjoy the afternoon on the ship. After lunch we went back out and went to the Fisheries Museum which is about a ten or fifteen minute walk from the ship.It was basically empty.The displaces are in Norwegian but they will give you a binder that translates the various exhibits into English.It is quite extensive and you could easily spend an hour or more going through and looking a reading everting.We found it interesting.It is in an old dock side warehouse over several floors.There were a few interactive displaces and lots of old photographs and machinery showing the making of fish oil, processing fish and the storing of same.There is also an extensive display of barrel making.It was pretty cheap as I recall.Less than ten dollars to get in, I just cannot remember the exact amount.If you are not on an excursion, it is a pleasant walk.There is also an antique shop right there.

One great feature of the Pride is that fact that there are two pools mid-ships with a retractible roof over the pool furthest forward.They shut it on day two and we enjoyed that warn retreat for the rest of the cruise.They had the dive in movies in there and it was really nice.Beautiful cruise out of the port.The weather picked up but we had a lovely cozy sea side table for a yummy dinner that night.We took in some comedy and a late night hot tub dip.We found the food very good but for a few items.The buffet coffee is not drinkable for anyone who is a coffee snob and I have to say even the speciality coffee brews on this cruise were not the greatest but that is really nit picking!!! I still drank several a day.If i needed a coffee before they opened at 7am (at the buffet outlet or the main cafe on 2 aft) then i would do half hot chocolate and half swill coffee for my 6 ish walk around the decks to take in the early morning scenery as we approached the various ports.On the Mardis Gras in April the Cafe opened much earlier.If I were to do it again, I would probably go for a tea that early rather than drink the coffee machine stuff🤢

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By this point we are sufficiently north that the sun is not setting and it is bright around the clock.That was fun.

The gangway was on the Port side in Alesund.

Day 5 - Molde

Molde was a very pretty cruise into the port.You literally dock directly in the centre of town. It is not more than a 50 meter walk to the Main Street.Our plan was to hike the Varden trail which takes you up above the town to a lookout. It is a crushed gravel trail the whole way. There are signs right from the town square that direct you.This is clearly a well used public space.There are lots of pic nic spots along the way.You walk by an outdoor museum with farm animals and old (what I assume are) traditional houses.There are stops along the way with provided firewood, fire pits and BBQ’s for you to use.There is even a kindling spitting device with hammer at one point near the bottom of the hill.It is moderately strenuous hike that takes about 70 minutes from the port to the top, where there is a restaurant and look off.They say that on a clear day you can see the peaks of 220 mountains.We had good weather that morning and got some amazing photos.It clouded over that afternoon and like Alesund, if we had waited we would have been SOL with respect to views/photos in the afternoon.I highly recommend this is you are is reasonable shape.This was part of our lead up to our plan to hike the Puplit Rock on our last top on Day 7.

We did some shopping in town but had to look far and wide to get a fridge magnet with Molde on it.We found what appeared to be the only one in the back corner of the local book shop.Very pretty town.Everything is tidy and orderly like the whole country.

One couple was AWAL when we left Molde.We waited 45 minutes and we watch the staff looking up and down the street looking out for them.You could see the local representative getting briefed and it looked like they gave he something… I wonder if it was something from their room.I always take my passport when I get off but I wonder if in these situations if they open the safe to leave their documents with the local rep.Anyway, I never heard what happened to them.If it had been in Bergen they could have just taken a ferry to meet us at Alesund but Olden would likely require a plane.

The ship docked with the gangway on the port side in Molde.

Day 6 - Olden

This was a spectacular cruise into this dead end fjord.There is not much in Olden but there is a little tour operator when you get off the ship.We rented two bicycles there and did about 20km of cycling.There is not much there.There is a Co-Op grocery and dry goods store and some other souvenir stores within about a 15-20 min walk from the ship.Our bikes were the bargain of the trip at only $20 Canadian (for both).They were not in the best of condition but they had fenders that kept the water at bay and worked fine for our purpose.Many people asked us where we found them.You go to the restaurant upstairs from the tour booking line andpay at the bar and then just go down and pick one you want and head out.There is nobody checking anything in or out.Just on the honour system.We got some great pictures of the Pride in the fjord with the mountains and waterfalls framing the picture making the ship look like a toy.Lovely.

The gangway was on the starboard side in Olden.

Day 7 - Skjolden

This was a spectacular cruise down the fjord.We entered around 1 am and with the sun not setting you could watch all night if you wanted to.Leaving that evening was amazing as the sun was out and it was a beautiful a day as you could hope for.The front part of the ship on nine and ten was full that afternoon.

In Skjolden our plan was to rent Ebikes.We were the first off the ship and got to the tour operator by 8am but they were all booked.Lesson learned…book ahead.We were however able to rent some brand new and well equipped hydrid bikes that were well geared and easy to use.They were about $30 each for three hours and while not the bargain from Olden, they were in much better shape and were much easier on the hills.I saw tunnels on the shoreside road on the southern side of the fjord coming into Skjolden and when I inquired about these with the gentleman at the bike rental, he said he would get us some lights and I am glad he did.One of the tunnels must have been close to a kilometre long.Pitch black.We had a great ride.We went down about 8km before turning back.We got some great pics.The road is not busy at all but is basically one and a half lanes of paved surface.On the way out we stopped at one of the hundreds of waterfalls/streams and put some beer and water into it. The stream to kept them cold until the return trip.That worked well.We also packed some Aluminum foil, parchment paper and zip log bags to put some cold sandwiches in for our various outings.It also worked well to have a pic nic snack.I love cold fried chicken so yesterday’s lunch proved to be a lovely snack out of a zip lock bag the next delay, having chilled overnight in the fridge (which is one of the only fridges on an older ship (inside a cabinet) that has ever getting things good and cold for me).These small villages don’t have much in the way of places to buy food and drink, especially if you are self touring like we were and off the beaten path.We drove around the north side of the fjord to get some good picks of the Pride being dwarfed by the cliffs again.Just before the first tunnel on the north shore road of the fjord there is a hiking trail head that claims you can go up to a look off.I did not know it was there in advance, and if I had I would have planned to hike it.Next time.There is not much in Skjolden.There is a visitor centre with a little museum and another Co-Op.That is about it. The store and visitor’s centre is about a 15-20 minute walk from the pier.It is the smallest pier I have ever seen an 85k plus ship dock at.It made for some creative and interesting mooring line(s) placement.If I was to do it again, I would have booked ebikes and then rode the down the north side of the fjord to the town that is about 10 km further down.The north shore road has less hills than the south but is busier.With ebikes it would not be very strenuous.

In Skjolden, the ship was moored with the gangway on the starboard side facing the sheep farm above the pier.The ship did a 180 after we were away from the pier.I really enjoyed Skjolden!

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Day 8 - Stavanger

So this was the big day of the trip.Our goal was to hike the Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen) which is a bucket list hike.It is this huge flat rock that juts out over a fjord about 600 meters below.It is spectacular.I think I read that some 300k people hike it each year.Just doing some back of a napkin calculations… if we assume only a handful of people hike it in the November to April time frame with all that snow (I cannot imagine doing that and I make the freak into our winter cabin up north to ice fish and am no stranger to deep snow!) that means that north of 1600 people head out there each day in the spring, summer and fall….and that is about how many were on the trail that day in my estimation.

So our ship was scheduled to be in Stavanger between 9 am and 5:30pm. Carnival did not offer a hiking tour and I could not find a private company or at least one that would respond to my inquiry.Carnival did offer some boat tours that would take you by boat to the fjord below the Pulpit by the waterfall but no hiking tours.As the trail head is 41 km away, renting a car was the only option.Reading about the hike on the web I was lead to believe it was between 3.5-4 hours round trip from the trail head.So a half hour to get the rental… 45 minutes out.4 hours of hiking and an hour to get back totalled… seven hours or so.This was not exactly in my normal comfort zone but it was a now or never thing. I booked an electric with hertz from their downtown office which was a 15 minute walk from the pier.The ship arrived early and we were one of the first people off (another couple ahead of us also renting a car).We were office the ship by 8:50am and at the rental on on the road by 9:10am.FYI, you take the longest (and deepest I think) under sea tunnel in the word to get from Stavanger to the mainland area.It was a quick and scenic drive.The cars have a transponder so the toll is just billed to your rental.The tunnel is really deep…like almost a thousand feet!Just go on YouTube.

You get to the trail head which has a resort, gift shops, etc.There is lots of tiered parking.You pay on the way out…. Use the self served credit car machine to get your exit ticket.The hike is free but the parking is not exactly cheap at about $25-30 euros.

We were on the trail by ten am.It is said to be a moderate hike.I am in my fifties and my lungs were burning for the first KM.The path starts as crushed gravel but then gives way to shield rock and then paved with rough stones the whole way… it is like playing a game of Tetris with you feet.The rocks are slick at times.It is not for the faint of heart.We brought a backpack, polar fleece and gore Tex jackets.We should have worn shorts and t shirt and brought the jackets in the pack…. It was a sweaty hike.We had light hiking shoes (no boots) and it worked fine.If you have bad ankles then wear boots but you must have a good grip.There will be lots of skids…. Anyway, we did the round trip in 3.5 hours including stops for pics along the way and a beer and sandwich and pics on the rock itself.People line up to take turns posing for friends off in the distance.It can be crowded on the trial at times and sometimes you want to pass others.If at all possible, go early, the trail can get very very busy by mid-day.It was a spectacular adventure.Definitely will be a picture in the yearly Xmas card!The gift shop does not take paper money as is the case in much of Norway.We got back to the car and made our way back.Only one wrong turn.The car had a navigation system but we could not find the hertz in the search engine so we made do with our google map on our phone and my son navigating.I should have printed out some maps before leaving. Anyway, we were back at the Hertz office my 3:30 or so.Nice having the electric and not having to fill up before returning.It was a very exhilarating day.We did not explore Stavanger.We spent the last of our Kroner that I bought at bank in Toronto before leaving and we got back on the ship for a well deserved hot tub soak and nap.We did the sushi place and some pizza later and skipped the dining room for the first time.I think Jack took in a Dive In movie and it was early to bed that night.

Day 9 - Sea Day

This was a lazy day.We got an extra hour with the clock rolling back but I did not realized this until mid morning. Jack go to sleep in for once.We did sea day brunch which was tasty but be prepared to wait upwards of 45 minutes for your food once you get your table.We were sharing a table by the window with a woman who literally waited 45 minutes for a parfait, two muffins and eggs.I thought she was going to lose it!We had nowhere to be and nothing to do.We spent the rest of the day doing a whole lot of nothing.Hot tub.Ping Pong. Several competitive rounds of mini golf, basketball and enjoying the warm sun.We had a 9pm booked for the David’s Steakhouse.We had marvellous seat by the window as the sun went down.Could not have been a better way to end the cruise. The Caesar,French Onion Soup, jumbo shrimp cocktail, Cowboy Steaks (ribeyes), Mac N Cheese, Mushrooms, fries, and chocolate sphere were two thumbs up.The steak tartare app was good but the accompanying bone marrow was poorly/under cooked and resembled a raw oyster past it’s prime.The mashed potato’s were sitting in a ring of oil in the cast iron crocks they served them in but it was not bad.My son thought it unappealing to the look and so declined.The Cheese Cake was also dry and flavour lacking, but otherwise it was a cracking meal well worth the price and great service.FYI… Pro Tip -you can drink at that steak house bar without a reservation.They have nice wine and liquor not available elsewhere and there is no bar on the ship with a view from those stools!

I had one last drink at Alchemy.. “Twenty is the New Forty” (get it with ice).The bar tenders were wonderful as were all of the staff all week!We packed a sandwich for the morning and some Monster and Gatorade for the trail back and left it in our fridge.

We packed that afternoon knowing we had to be out of the room by 6:15.

It was a sunny morning as we pulled into Dover around 5am as promised.We only had backpacks and were still full from David’s Steakhouse the night before (finished at 10:30pm) so we skipped breakfast and headed straight for the exit and were off and in the parking lot but 6:15am.Our train to St. Pancras (which is where I am writing this now) was not until 7:49am so we decided to walk to the stations which took us about 45 minutes.Lots of passengers from our ship and others I did not recognize at the station but I think we were the only ones to have done the walk.

We had bought return tickets so we were good to go.You need to keep your stubs as they will come around the train and check.The nice staff at the platform were handing out free water with a smile.Smart smart smart tourism money well spent there.I left Dover with nothing but positive things to say (although it was the butt of many jokes from the British Comedians on board).

Overall Cruise Thoughts

SMASHING! We got our extended balcony cabin for the base fare of $490.00 pp plus port fees and gratuities.We got something like $250 in cruise credit but I am not sure why that was.I don’t recall seeing that at the time I booked.We were also refunded for Taxes, fees and port expenses to the tune of $26.12 x two.I am also unsure as to what that was about.Please someone in the know, add a comment.So that was a pretty dam cheap way to see Norway in comfort I have to say. I had the cheers.Jack is not a pop drinker but loves their lemonade.Over the course of the cruise I had a total of 139 beverages including coffees, Monster, water and alcohol, so I got my money’s worth.I thought that was a spectacular deal!!Jack got an inexpensive black automatic Invicta that looks remarkably similar to his father’s Submariner so he was pleased.We got a ship model to add to our collections and a few donuts and room service wings and that was about the extent of our purchases.I don’t gamble but do enjoy watching people give away their hard earned money in the Casino and Bingo (Boy do they make a fortune on Bingo; but it is obvious how much people enjoy it, which is great).

I would sail on the pride again.I won’t hesitate to go on another Spirit class ship.I can see why people give up on many of the new things and bling on the new ships for these ships with no lines and lots of space.If it had a big chicken or maybe one more dining option, it would be perfect in my eye.Hopefully they will do a retro like they did with the Radiance which I was on in February (really enjoyed that ship also).

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Our trip back to Gatwick from St. Pancras was quick and easy and the only hiccup with the flight was an hour delayed but Gatwick airport is better than average for seats and shops, etc.

A very memorable trip.The rest of the family is looking forward to our first ever Christmas Cruise.We a taking an eight day Southern Caribbean itinerary on the Magic out of Canaveral.See you then Carnival!


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When was the Carnival Pride last refurbished? ›

Carnival Cruise Line Carnival Pride Ship Information
Carnival Pride
Year Built2002
Year Last Refurbished2014
Capacity2,124 passengers
2 more rows

How many pools are on the Carnival Pride? ›

Carnival Pride has three swimming pools, all on Deck 9. These include the forward pool, the midship (or main) pool and the Serenity pool.

Is Carnival Pride currently sailing? ›

We are tracking and are calculationg it's position based on its itinerary.
Ship Images.
Current Sailing9 Night Europe
Disembarking portLisbon
Disembarking date2022-10-30
Current PositionValletta
1 more row

Is there a casino on Carnival Pride? ›

Casino & Gambling on the Carnival Pride

The Carnival Pride's Winner's Club Casino is located on the Promenade Deck (Deck 2), and features Slots, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Bingo, & Texas Hold'em.

Is Carnival Pride a big ship? ›

The biggest Carnival cruise ship, Mardi Gras is two and a half times as big as the smallest ships in the Carnival fleet.
Carnival Ships: Biggest to Smallest.
ShipCarnival Pride
Gross Tonnage88,500
Length (Feet)963
Guest Decks12
Total Guest Capacity2,680
22 more columns
4 Jul 2022

What class is Carnival Pride? ›

Spirit-class cruise

What shows are on Carnival Pride? ›

Watch videos
  • 80s Pop to the Max.
  • 88 Keys.
  • America Rocks.
  • Amor Cubano.
  • Broadway Beats.
  • Celestial Strings.
  • Country Road.
  • Divas.

Why do cruise ships drain the pools at night? ›

Cruise lines drain their swimming pools at night to discourage guests from trying to enter the pool when it is closed. Draining the swimming pools each night also allows the cruise lines to replace the water with clean water and a drained swimming pool is safer if the weather is rough.

Does the Carnival Pride have hot tubs on it? ›

The Carnival Pride has a total of 3 pools and 3 hot tubs. Tired of loud kids and splashing? 1 of the pools and 1 of the hot tubs are adults only.

What is the current position of the Carnival Pride? ›

Carnival Pride current position

Carnival Pride current location is at East Mediterranean (coordinates 37.05945 N / 18.73141 E) cruising at speed of 18 kn (33 kph/ 21 mph) en route to IT CIV > GR JTR. The AIS position was reported 30 minutes ago.

When was the Carnival Pride last updated? ›

Carnival Pride is a Spirit-class cruise ship. Launched in 2002, this ship is now 20 years old but was last refurbished in 2019.

Where is Carnival Pride located now? ›

The current position of CARNIVAL PRIDE is at East Mediterranean (coordinates 37.2902 N / 17.84012 E) reported 1 hours ago by AIS.

How much do you have to spend in the Carnival casino to get free drinks? ›

Comp Drinks on Carnival Casino

Once slot players reach 1,000 points on a single voyage from North America or Europe that is less than 5 days, they will receive free drinks in the casino. It takes 1,500 points on cruises 5 days or greater. Table players must reach play that is comparable in order to receive free drinks.

Where is the coffee bar on Carnival Pride? ›

Piazza Cafe Coffee Bar:

On Promenade Deck, sweets, snacks, and coffees can be purchased at The Piazza. This is a fine connection for chocolate covered strawberries and banana splits.

Do you use cash on a cruise casino? ›

On most cruises, you'll be able to use both cash and your cruise card. At the tables, your cash will be turned into chips or you can charge the price of the chips on your cruise card. Most slot machines will just take your cruise card, but some will also take cash.

What is the smallest Carnival Cruise? ›

What is Carnival's smallest cruise ship? Carnival Ecstasy is Carnival's smallest cruise ship at just 70,367 GRT and able to carry 2,056 passengers – less than half of their biggest cruise ship.

How old is the Carnival ship Pride? ›

Built in 2002 and refurbished in 2009, the Carnival Pride is a member of Carnival's Spirit Class of cruise ships. At approximately 88,500 tons, she accommodates about 2,100 passengers.

How many floors are in the Carnival Pride? ›

The boat has 12 passenger decks (6 with cabins), 16 lounges and bars, 4 swimming pools (one with retractable glass roof), 4 outdoor Jacuzzis (large whirlpool hot tubs), 15 elevators.

Which one is the best cruise line? ›

  • #1. Celebrity Cruises. #1 in Best Cruise Lines for the Money. ...
  • #2. Holland America Line. #2 in Best Cruise Lines for the Money. ...
  • #3. Royal Caribbean International. #3 in Best Cruise Lines for the Money. ...
  • #4. Norwegian Cruise Line. ...
  • #5. Carnival Cruise Line. ...
  • #6. Princess Cruises. ...
  • #7. Costa Cruises. ...
  • #8. MSC Cruises.

How long is Carnival Pride? ›

How large is the Carnival Pride? ›

The Carnival Pride is a Panamax-Max size cruise ship. It carries up to 2,680 passengers in 1,062 staterooms. The passenger suites are on decks 1, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.

Can I bring a 12 pack of soda on Carnival cruise? ›

Bringing Liquor and Beverages On Board - Embarkation

A small quantity is considered a maximum of 12 sealed, unopened cans/cartons of 12-ounces/354-ml each or less, per person.

How many carry on bags are allowed on Carnival cruise? ›

Carnival Cruise Line suggests that guests check in only one bag per person for 3- to 5-day cruises and no more than two bags per person for longer cruises. This is just a suggestion – you can actually bring as many bags as you like.

How long are the shows on Carnival cruises? ›

These short (30 to 35 minute) shows are always full of energy; usually featuring lots of lighting, lasers and special effects; and span a number of genres from '80s hits to rock anthems to Latin vibes to R&B. But which ships offer which shows?

Do cruise ships have jails? ›

Are there jails on cruise ships? Yes, cruise ships have brigs, which is the nautical term for a jail on a vessel, including a cruise ship. The term comes from the word "brigantine," which is a type of two-masted sailing ship formerly used to house criminals.

Can you drink the tap water on cruise ships? ›

Cruise ship tap water is safe to drink unless you are told otherwise by the ship's authorities. The water throughout the ship has been treated, filtered and frequently tested to meet the standards of the World Health Organization and the U.S. Public Health Service on ships sailing into and out of U.S. ports of call.

How much do cruise ship captains make per year? ›

Ever wonder what is the typical cruise ship captain salary? According to Payscale, the average salary of a cruise ship captain is $96,000 per year, in a salary range that varies from $48,485 to $180,308. A captain's responsibilities are far broader than just steering the ship.

Does Carnival Pride have a covered pool? ›

All around this cruise ship you'll discover even more ways to stay cool, like an adult-only pool at Serenity, a fun-only midship pool featuring a retractable roof, plus Carnival Pride's splashy onboard waterpark, Carnival WaterWorks .

How many pools are on the Carnival cruise? ›

The Carnival Magic has two saltwater pools.

The area around the pool is best suited for sunbathing on two tiered decks. The Carnival Magic's main pool, The Beach Pool, is located mid ship on Deck 10 (Lido Deck).

What deck is the Lido deck on the Carnival Pride? ›

Carnival Pride deck 9 plan (Lido-Pools-Spa-Serenity)

Who is the cruise director on Carnival Pride? ›

Carnival Miracle: Savannah Mitchell through January 14; Georgia Craig through July 7, 2022. Carnival Panorama: Lee Mason through January 8; Christian de la Rosa through July 7, 2022. Carnival Pride: Frankie Portera through March 20; Felipe Serrina do Couto through November 12, 2022.

Where is Carnival Magic home port? ›

Homeports: Port Canaveral (Orlando, Florida)

Where does Carnival Miracle sail to? ›

Current itinerary of Carnival Miracle
Date / TimePort
06 Oct 16:00Departing from Los Angeles, Long Beach-San Pedro, California hotels
08 Oct 10:00 - 18:00Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Mexico
10 Oct 08:00 - 17:00Ensenada, Baja California Mexico
11 Oct 08:00Arriving in Los Angeles, Long Beach-San Pedro, California hotels

Does Carnival Pride have a serenity deck? ›

Carnival Pride Serenity Description

Featuring its own bar, pool and hot tub along with padded chaise longue, chairs, sunbeds and shaded areas.

What is the oldest cruise ship still in service? ›

The MV Astoria is the oldest cruise ship currently sailing, and Cruise and Maritime Voyages embraces the story of its vintage vessel. It employs an on-board historian to offer lectures about the ship's fascinating past.

Which Carnival ships have been refurbished? ›

Carnival Cruise Line
  • Carnival Victory (Completed) Another Carnival cruise ship which is scheduled for a major upgrade. ...
  • Carnival Fascination (Completed) ...
  • Carnival Paradise (Completed) ...
  • Carnival Legend (Completed) ...
  • Carnival Spirit (Completed) ...
  • Carnival Inspiration. ...
  • Carnival Splendor. ...
  • Carnival Triumph / Carnival Sunrise.

What is obstructed view on Carnival balcony? ›

An obstruction is something the blocks a proportion of the direct outward view from a stateroom. This is typically due the position of lifeboats or the outer structure of the ship. Please view our deck plans on our website to determine if your stateroom has an obstructed view.

How do you get free stuff on Carnival? ›

How To Get Free Stuff On A Cruise | 12 Tips - YouTube

How do you get a discount on a Carnival cruise drink package? ›

The only way to get discounts on Carnival drink packages is to book it before you cruise. This will give you a $5 per day saving on the Cheers package compared to the price you will pay if you wait until you're on the ship to buy it.

How do I get free alcohol on Carnival cruise? ›

While alcohol is not customarily free aboard any Carnival cruise ship, there are certain ways to score free drinks. Be sure to attend the Captain's Meet & Greet party, which offers free champagne. The Welcome Back parties also provide free alcoholic beverages. Free champagne can be had at the art auction.

Can you bring coffee on Carnival Cruise? ›

You are certainly welcome to bring your own instant or ground coffee, tea and teapot (or tea ball), French press or any other non-electric gadget that will make you your drink of choice using only hot water.

Where do you get milkshakes on Carnival Cruise? ›

JavaBlue Café is Carnival Cruise Line's standard onboard coffee shop, offering things like coffees, frappes, teas, milkshakes, cupcakes, and donuts. Here are the drinks and desserts you'll find at Carnival's JavaBlue Café.

How much does coffee cost on Carnival Cruise? ›

How Do the Carnival Cruise Line Drink Packages Measure Up?
Energy Drinks$4.95
Specialty Coffee$4.50
Other Non-Alcoholic Drinks$3.50
6 more rows
13 Jul 2020

What happens if you don't tip on a cruise? ›

However, most cruise lines are based in the U.S., where the crew members' pay structure is based on tips. If you refuse to tip on principle, you are impacting the salaries of the people who have served you well onboard.

How do you win big on cruise ship casinos? ›

CRUISE SHIP CASINO - Cruise Gambling Tips - YouTube

How much money should I take on a 7 day cruise? ›

As a general rule, plan to have $50 to $100 each day in the local currency. Also, you may want to bring an extra $20 a day for tipping crew members. Make sure to include smaller bills for tips. Fifty to a hundred dollars a day should be enough to cover small purchases, tips and snacks at each port.

How old is the Carnival ship Pride? ›

Built in 2002 and refurbished in 2009, the Carnival Pride is a member of Carnival's Spirit Class of cruise ships. At approximately 88,500 tons, she accommodates about 2,100 passengers.

Where is Carnival ship Pride now? ›

The current position of CARNIVAL PRIDE is at West Mediterranean (coordinates 39.7744 N / 14.71618 E) reported 0 min ago by AIS.

When was the Carnival Pride built? ›

Where is the Carnival Pride located right now? ›

The current position of CARNIVAL PRIDE is at West Mediterranean (coordinates 39.31632 N / 15.12997 E) reported 0 min ago by AIS.

What shows are on Carnival Pride? ›

Watch videos
  • 80s Pop to the Max.
  • 88 Keys.
  • America Rocks.
  • Amor Cubano.
  • Broadway Beats.
  • Celestial Strings.
  • Country Road.
  • Divas.

When was the Carnival Pride last updated? ›

Carnival Pride is a Spirit-class cruise ship. Launched in 2002, this ship is now 20 years old but was last refurbished in 2019.

How many floors are in the Carnival Pride? ›

The boat has 12 passenger decks (6 with cabins), 16 lounges and bars, 4 swimming pools (one with retractable glass roof), 4 outdoor Jacuzzis (large whirlpool hot tubs), 15 elevators.

How long is Carnival Pride? ›

What is obstructed view on Carnival balcony? ›

An obstruction is something the blocks a proportion of the direct outward view from a stateroom. This is typically due the position of lifeboats or the outer structure of the ship. Please view our deck plans on our website to determine if your stateroom has an obstructed view.

Who is the cruise director on Carnival Pride? ›

Carnival Miracle: Savannah Mitchell through January 14; Georgia Craig through July 7, 2022. Carnival Panorama: Lee Mason through January 8; Christian de la Rosa through July 7, 2022. Carnival Pride: Frankie Portera through March 20; Felipe Serrina do Couto through November 12, 2022.

How many people can fit on Carnival Pride? ›

The Carnival Pride is a Panamax-Max size cruise ship. It carries up to 2,680 passengers in 1,062 staterooms.

How many crew members does Carnival Pride have? ›

crew. Carnival Pride Crew Members: Staff on the Carnival Pride include 910 crew members. That's a guest to staff ratio of 3.4:1. The average Carnival ship includes 1,185 employees and has a passenger to staff ratio of 3.1:1.

What is the oldest cruise ship still in service? ›

The MV Astoria is the oldest cruise ship currently sailing, and Cruise and Maritime Voyages embraces the story of its vintage vessel. It employs an on-board historian to offer lectures about the ship's fascinating past.

Where is the Carnival Magic? ›

Carnival Magic current location is at North West Atlantic Ocean (coordinates 21.42743 N / -71.14679 W) cruising en route to GRAND TURK. The AIS position was reported 1 hour ago.

Where is Carnival Magic home port? ›

Carnival Adds One More Homeport in the US

Norfolk, Virginia, will be the home of Carnival Magic from today, May 15, through June 15, 2022.

Where is the discovery princess right now? ›

Discovery Princess current position

Discovery Princess current location is at North America West Coast (coordinates 33.74593 N / -118.27523 W) cruising en route to USLAX>MXCSL. The AIS position was reported 6 minutes ago.


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